Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Review

This week the song choice is Garth Brooks "Ain't Going Down (Till The Sun Comes Up)" - which seems appropriate since it seems like Grant is always on the go. Even at 7:30 pm he still has energy most days and then just like an alarm clock he is awake most days by 5:50 am. Lucky for us he plays in his crib for 20-30 minutes each morning so we don't really have to get up until around 6:15 am.

Grant has really taken off this week and he is walking almost everywhere in the house. Which makes Buster and Bugsy uneasy all the time. Grant really likes to chase them.

Early in the week I was talking to my friend about getting child-proof locks for the toilet. I told her I didn't think I would get them since we are really good about closing the bathroom door. Well I guess I will need to get some locks as we are not as good as I thought. One day Grant was playing with his truck and headed off to his play room.....but along the way he discovered that the bathroom door was open. I heard him playing but though he was in his play room.....nope he was dunking his truck in the toilet and splashing water all over the floor (and his shirt and pants). Good thing I had just cleaned that toilet!

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Carrie Wood said...

Yes, toilet locks. Maybe that is a really good warning for me, too. We'll see! So far Caleb is pretty afraid of how I'll react from the first time he did it and I got mad at him.
Good theme song - fits really well from the sounds of it!