Monday, October 15, 2012

The Story Of Two Families

*Disclaimer: The family names have been changed to protect identity*
*Also this is a long one....*
In April 2008 a small family moved Utah to Deoria - Papa Good, Mama Good and Baby Boy Good.  In June 2008 a small family moved from Iowa to Deoria - Papa Yoder, Mama Yoder and Baby Boy Yoder.
These two families would soon get to know each other.  Mama Good was hosting a cooking club at her house one morning.  Mama Yoder thought "I should go to cooking club."  There were three reason why Mama Yoder wanted to go: 1. Papa Yoder was home to watch the baby.  2. Mama Good lived really close to Mama Yoder - so no chance of getting lost.  3.  The theme for cooking club was "brunch food" which is Mama Yoder's favorite food. 
Off to cooking club Mama Yoder goes....soon she started talking to Mama Good and realized their baby boys were only 2 days apart in age.  How fun!  After that first meeting Mama Good and Mama Yoder started hanging out and having playdates together.  Even swapping babysitting so the Mamas could get out for a kid-free break. 
Baby Good and Baby Yoder played so well together. 
Time passed and soon more babies came along....3 more for Mama and Papa Good and 2 more for Mama and Papa Yoder.  It was difficult for Mama Good and Mama Yoder to find time to hang out but every now and then they would get together for a playdate.  Baby Good and Baby Yoder still loved to play with each other.  Best buddies.
Well....the time has come....Mama and Papa Good are moving away from Deoria.  VERY sad!!  They will be missed!  Hopefully one day they will return to Deoria because we know with Baterpillar...all roads lead back to Deoria. 
So if you have a few minutes you can check out these videos of Baby Good and Baby Yoder playing. 
Mama Good Blog (click on link):
Mama Yoder Blog (click on link):
The Adventures Of Two Boys
Recent Videos:

Ok so seriously I don't expect you to watch all these videos unless maybe you have about 30-45 minutes to kill.  So here are some photos.

 We hope Mama Good, Papa Good and all the kiddos enjoy their new adventure! 
We will miss you guys!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Updated photos

Here are some updated photos of Seth and Miles
Seth Miles


Miles Seth

 Miles Seth


Long post

So I realized it has been quite a long time since I posted something to my quickly here are some updated pictures of Grant.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Shoes

Trying on real shoes for the first time. 
Seth is in the black shirt and Miles is in the blue shirt

This is Seth's new "camera" face.  Anytime I get the camera out to take his picture this is the face he gives me. 

First Haircuts

April 13th - first "real" haircuts



They both did great!  Seth started to cry but didn't make a sound...just had a few big tears running down his face.  Poor little guy.  Seth sat in the chair so quietly.  Miles on the other hand wanted to see what was being done.  Every now and then he would give people the "evil eye".