Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Pictures

Seth "Hey check this thing out"

1 Year - Here is the "Skinny" on Seth & Miles


Weight: 20.8 lbs (16.38%)
Height: 28.75" (17.25%)
Head: 20.08" (99.97%)


Weight: 19.15 lbs (10.81%)

Height: 28.5" (12.20%)

Head: 19.69" (99.69%)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Boys

So two little boys recently had a birthday...Happy Birthday Seth & Miles!

When Grant turned 1 I was very excited. We had a little party, I made a basketball cake, etc....big deal. He was less than excited about it. Here is the story of Grant's 1st Birthday.

So what did we do for Seth & Miles? Very little...sorry to say. We did go to a birthday party for all the kids at Church turning 1 in January. Thank you Lindsey for doing it! Here is a link to her blog.
Then on Sunday we celebrated the twin's birthday. It was just Nate, Grant, Braden and myself along with the twins. No fancy party. No big gifts. No homemade cake. But they actually liked it and didn't cry. I have a few videos from the party...and I'll post those later. But don't hold your breath waiting for maybe a few days (weeks...).

Here are some photos (Seth is in the green chair/Miles yellow chair).