Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Video

Lots of fun adventures this week. It was so warm here we pulled out the water toys and swimming suits. Grant loves to play outside and now he loves playing outside in the water. So far the ball sprinkler is his favorite followed by the swimming pool. Maybe later this summer we can get him to go down the slip and slide.

We also went to a wildlife park this week. Grant did great! We were there for about 2 hours and he walked the entire time (no stroller for us). He was one tired little boy that afternoon. He LOVED the pigeons. For some reason they were really funny to him. He also thought it was cool to feed the goats. Then that same night we went to a carnival. Grant rode the rides all by himself. I was amazed! He loved the car ride.

Oh the song this week has nothing to do with the is Grant's favorite song right now. He walks around humming it all now you too will have it stuck in your head....

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost Summer Fun

Recently we finally got our back yard finished with sod. So after waiting several weeks we are finally able to play on the new yard. It has been so much fun for everyone! Baxter and Grant play almost every night outside. Since our last video we also attended a firehouse tour - which was fun. Grant loved looking at the fire truck. Also, we attended an annual event called "Touch A Truck". It was a fun day as Nate was able to go with us. We are a little worried that Grant immediately ran to the police car and jumped in the back this a sign of things to come?? Also, he loved being on the school bus - sitting in the driver seat, honking the horn, pushing the door buttons. It was a fun day.

Have a great week!