Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to


Grant turned 2 today. Here are some pictures from his birthday party yesterday. We celebrated with Caleb as his birthday was on Sunday. When I catch up on my videos I'll post Grant with his new slide....lots of fun!!

What a great birthday party...two birthday boys...yet there were three cakes! Check out those race car cakes!!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

Bath Fun!

The other night these two had quite a time in the bathroom. I think Baxter was just trying to lick some water off the edge of the tub and knocked the towel and soap in the tub....and for some reason Grant thought it was REALLY funny.

Family Fun

Recently we had some family visit us. Here is a video of what we did during those couple of weeks. We had a wonderful time!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top Ten

Top Ten Ways Motherhood Make You A Celebrity
(from Parenting magazine)

1. Someone's always hounding you for your autograph. Even if it's just on a permission slip for the class trip to the recycling center.

2. You travel with an entourage. Okay, so two of them are fighting over a bag of Doritos and one of them has a crusty nose, but STILL.

3. You spend your days club-hopping. How else would your kids get to Brownies?

4. You're front and center at every awards show. Because your 10-year-old would never forgive you for being absent when he wins the school carnival karaoke contest.

5. You change clothes three times a day. And it's much more fun if you pretend it's because you're being stalked by the paparazzi, not a messy toddler.

6. You're on a spa diet. Your kids only leave broccoli on their plates for you.

7. You've flashed your boobs in public. Hey, it's not easy to juggle a hungry baby in one hand and unhook a nursing bra with the other!

8. People beg to sleep with you. Well, only because there's a monster under their bed.

9. You're covered in tattoos that your kid got in a birthday-party goody bag and plastered on you when you were too pooped to resist.

10. Hassled as you feel right now, in 20 years you'll miss all the chaos.


Here are some photos from a couple weeks ago when Grant was over at Caleb's house playing.

Thanks Carrie for the photos!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Boy = Stickers

For months I've been saving stickers I get in the mail for Grant. But Grant doesn't really like to have stickers on him or his clothing. So I decided to make him a "good boy sticker sheet". When he is a good boy he gets a sticker to add to his sheet on the wall. Here is a picture of his sticker sheet...this is day 2. I kind of went overboard the first day trying to get him use to the idea....now 5 days later he completely understands. When you tell him he has been a good boy he runs over to the sticker sheet and point to the shelf where the stickers are kept. I think I'll be hitting the dollar store soon for more stickers.

Here is Grant in action getting his sticker and he generally says "yea" after he put it on the paper and claps. It is very cute!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Away!

Don't you just want to say that to some visitors (non-human of course)? We said that last night to one of our visitors! Everyone was settled in bed last night and the dogs started barking (around 10:30pm). First Nate got up to check on them and then I followed. As I approached the laundry room I heard Nate say "No Way" and I immediately thought one of the dog had gotten sick all over the floor. As I stepped closer Nate said "Say back - there is a big snake in the house".....which then almost made me get sick all over the floor. I then thought "oh my gosh he is going to eat my Bugsy...get him out of there!" We got both dogs out and located the snake behind the washer and dryer. Where are the snake catching tools when you need them? Well after trying to figure out what to do - Nate said he would probably have to kill the snake. Oh no! Not that I was opposed to that idea....I was opposed to cleaning up that mess. Finally I thought of Animal Control. An hour later the snake was in a pillow case and out of our house.

Back to bed for everyone (lucky Grant slept through the whole thing)....but I couldn't go back to sleep for several hours just thinking about the snake and what if he had friends!

Here is a picture of our 4ft visitor:

We think with all our landscaping he came into the garage while it was open most of the day yesterday and then crawled in under the door leading to the garage. Two things on my to do list today....close garage door at all times & find a tighter fitting door seal!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vacation - Week 3

I'm playing catch up here...

On week 3 of our vacation home we attended Braden (Nate's Brother) & Britney's wedding. We had a great time with family and Grant loved playing with his cousins. Here is the video from that week.

Busy Busy Busy

Long time - no new post from us. Sorry about that. Grant and I went out to visit family for 2 1/2 weeks (Nate joined us during the last week) and then a few days after we returned we had family come visit us. So it has been almost a month of visiting with familly - which has been a ton of fun! So I'm behind on my blogging. Maybe next week I'll try to catch up. But until then here are a couple of photos of Grant. We went home to visit family and attend Braden's wedding (Nate's brother). Here is Grant in his tux.