Monday, April 23, 2012

New Shoes

Trying on real shoes for the first time. 
Seth is in the black shirt and Miles is in the blue shirt

This is Seth's new "camera" face.  Anytime I get the camera out to take his picture this is the face he gives me. 

First Haircuts

April 13th - first "real" haircuts



They both did great!  Seth started to cry but didn't make a sound...just had a few big tears running down his face.  Poor little guy.  Seth sat in the chair so quietly.  Miles on the other hand wanted to see what was being done.  Every now and then he would give people the "evil eye". 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If only we had....

...a swimming pool.

Random Pictures

Easter 2012

Grant hit two Easter Egg hunts this year. One up the street with the neighborhood kids and the other one in our backyard with friends. Seth & Miles seemed to enjoy the one in our yard but didn't really get into it until they figured out there was candy in the eggs.