Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Away!

Don't you just want to say that to some visitors (non-human of course)? We said that last night to one of our visitors! Everyone was settled in bed last night and the dogs started barking (around 10:30pm). First Nate got up to check on them and then I followed. As I approached the laundry room I heard Nate say "No Way" and I immediately thought one of the dog had gotten sick all over the floor. As I stepped closer Nate said "Say back - there is a big snake in the house".....which then almost made me get sick all over the floor. I then thought "oh my gosh he is going to eat my Bugsy...get him out of there!" We got both dogs out and located the snake behind the washer and dryer. Where are the snake catching tools when you need them? Well after trying to figure out what to do - Nate said he would probably have to kill the snake. Oh no! Not that I was opposed to that idea....I was opposed to cleaning up that mess. Finally I thought of Animal Control. An hour later the snake was in a pillow case and out of our house.

Back to bed for everyone (lucky Grant slept through the whole thing)....but I couldn't go back to sleep for several hours just thinking about the snake and what if he had friends!

Here is a picture of our 4ft visitor:

We think with all our landscaping he came into the garage while it was open most of the day yesterday and then crawled in under the door leading to the garage. Two things on my to do list today....close garage door at all times & find a tighter fitting door seal!

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Charity said...

No way!! That's a great story to tell for years.