Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekly Update

Hey is anyone reading this? Nate pointed out to me today that my friend Carrie is the only one who leaves comments.....Thanks Carrie!!

So what happened this past week??? Oh yeah we selected a new head honcho (the big cheese). I'm not a political person but I do vote - so Grant and I went to our voting place on the 4th around 10 am (really who is going to be there at 10 am)....oh only about 300 other people. We waited in line for 1.5 hours. I spent the entire time chasing Grant around. I killed two birds with one stone - voting and exercising. I'm sure those 300 people will think twice before going to vote at 10 am just incase that crazy lady is there chasing her kid.

Other than spending the morning at the voting place we did nothing all week. Grant has been sick with a cold and mild ear infection so we didn't do too much.

Hopefully next week I'll have better videos. Nate is working on downloading the videos from our camcorder.


Lewis Times said...

While I confess to not be a dedicated follower, I do occasionally find time to read - for what it's worth!

Kerri Whitney said...

Ya this year dan and I voted via the mail just because I didn't want to wrangle my children in the voting lines!

Lindsey said...

I decided to vote early this year and avoid the lines... I ended up waiting in line an hour too! Oh well, at least I didn't have a kiddo to chase around... yet. Oh, and I always read your updates. I'll try to leave more comments. :-)

Julie said...

I'm a Schroeder follower...i just usually have a kid in my lap (like now) so comments are few. I know I commented on your insanely cute football player. At least I think I did...maybe I just thought about it! :)