Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No video this week

So no video this week. I used our new camcorder a bunch this past week and I haven't figured out how to save it to the computer yet. Here are some pictures.

Grant's first bath in the "Big Boy" tub. This was his first time taking a bath without his inflatable rubber duck.

Grant's best Elvis look.

Check out all that drool! Two more teeth this week. Total now is 12.

We don't normally make Grant sleep on the dog bed but today was one of those days. He refused to take his afternoon nap at the normal time so I decided to run some errands. While we were in the car he fell asleep - at 4 pm. Way too late for a nap. So when I got home I put a clean towel on the dog bed and put him down. Thinking that maybe all the noise would wake him. Nope he slept there for over an hour. Needless to say it was a late night because he didn't want to go to bed at this normal time due to the late nap.

Playing with toys one morning.

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Carrie Wood said...

I love the Elvis look. Seriously, what a face!