Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why does my head hurt?

Now I'm one of those lucky people who only get headaches every now and twice a year....but yesterday I just couldn't get rid of my headache. Here is what I think was causing it...

One would think we started our own Cricket breeding farm due to the number of crickets in our house....they are driving me insane! I was o'k with the crickets when they were in the garage and the basement (two places I don't spend too much time in). But now they are on the stairs, in the kitchen and even upstairs. It is all out war now! Insect killer on the lawn and bug spray around the outside of the house and by the doors.....I think there is now a toxic cloud over our house.

Second possibility of the beloved Bugsy. He seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the new house and Grant taking up more of my attention. So to show his frustration he has started marking his spot all over the house. I hoped it was maybe a UTI (a medical reason for this crazy behavior). But after a trip to the vet we discovered it was a behavioral problem. Great!

Finally yesterday I came across this mess.....I wonder what little hands could have pull the dirt out of this flower pot?

Today has been a much better day - no crickets found today, only one dog issue this morning and the dirt is still in the flower pot.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bugsy is ready to come home. You should listen to the pooch.